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Happy National Quilting Day!

  March 20th is twice as nice this year!  Not only is it the first day of Spring (who isn't ready for that?!), but it's also National Quilting Day!!  It's a great day to head out to your local quilt shop to do some fabric shopping or hide yourself in your sewing room for some quality time with your sewing machine.  Just give your family the local take-out menus and tell them you'll be busy getting some fabric therapy! In honor of National Quilting Day, I want to remind you of some nice freebies here on my website that you can enjoy any time. First, there is the PDF download of my "Quilt Completion Chart" that you can use to keep track of your projects and get them DONE.  What's nice about this chart is that it breaks each project done into stages that you can check off as you go.  Just click on the picture to get your free copy.     Next, there is a PDF download idea sheet for my "One Fabric Quilts" tutorial.  This is a fun and easy way to use a

Behind the Pattern Making Process

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a pattern?  How hard can it be, right?  Well, I have discovered that it takes a LOT more work to bring those ideas to life than you would think, especially if it's going to be a quality pattern that's easy for others to use.  After all, if it was easy to do, everybody would just write their own patterns, right? Now that I'm a pattern designer myself, I have a much better understanding of what goes into creating a pattern.  So today I thought I would take you behind the scenes and share some of my pattern making process with you.  Hopefully, it will give you a better understanding and an appreciation for the efforts that designers put into those cool patterns.   When an idea for a new pattern pops into my head, I usually begin by working with pencil and paper, drawing out ideas in a sketch book.    If I'm working on an applique quilt, I will sketch a rough draft of the entire scene first.   Next, I'll retrace each applique

Quilting Is "Sew" Good for the Soul

Welcome to my turn on the Hope Quilts blog hop.  Thanks to Sarah Marcina from The Quilted Diary for coming up with such a great theme and hosting this event.  She will also be hosting a Hope For Tomorrow quilt along in January, so make sure to check that out on her website . Life is full of difficulties and heartaches.  We all know that all too well, and this year especially has made that reality front and center for most of us.  The challenge is to not be consumed by the bad things, but to remember that life is also full of good things.  We have to find ways to deal with the stress and lift our spirits to keep looking ahead.  There are a couple of ways that I cope with tough times.  One is that I pour out my hurts and concerns to God in prayer.  No one understands me and comforts me like the Lord does!  He has not only pulled me through hard times, but He has used those hard times to make me a better person.  The other way I cope is to sit at my sewing machine

Hope Quilts blog hop

It's a new month (is it really December already??) and there's a new blog hop going on this month that I think you will really enjoy.  The theme is "Hope Quilts" and it's all about special quilt projects that have helped individuals get through difficult circumstances.   As quilters, we know how therapeutic working on a quilt can be.  Research has shown that quilting lifts our mood, exercises our minds, provides social interaction and makes us feel productive.  It teaches us new skills and motivates us to keep learning.  It also gives us a way to help and comfort others.  There's something so wonderful about giving one of your lovingly made quilts to a grateful recipient.  Quilting is definitely a work of heart! Each of the bloggers in this blog hop will be sharing their own special stories about the quilts they have made that have special significance to them.  It will be an encouraging and uplifting time that will hopefully inspire you on your own quilting j

Small Steps Lead to Big Progress

Hi there!  Today is my turn on the UFOvember blog hop and I'm going to talk about "Resume" -  how to get back to an unfinished project and GET IT DONE!  Yay! When this blog hop idea came up, I got so excited.  I have a growing pile of UFOs that has been nagging at me and I needed some motivation to get down to business and get some of these things done.  There's something about being part of a group project like this that helps me want to work on something!  With all the social distancing we've had to do, it's put a big damper on sewing get-togethers and the little "oomph" that sewing days with friends gives us.  Doing something online like this really helps fill that void! When I was preparing for this blog hop, I took some time to look around my sewing room and take stock of what UFOs I needed to work on.  Then I started thinking about  WHY  I had such a hard time getting them finished.  I have a lot of time, so I knew that really wasn't my pro

Let's Tackle Those UFOs!

Would you like to make progress on your pile of quilting UFOs and have fun at the same time?  Well, I've got just the thing for you!  It's time for a great blog hop to help you to conquer some of those unfinished projects! For the whole month of November, you can follow along with several quilt designers to see how we tackle our own stack of sewing projects.  We'll cover topics like UFO inventory (confession time!), Resume (finish up a project), Rework (turn an unfinished project into something else), and Rehome (pass it on to someone else to play with).  There will be plenty of ideas to get you motivated and inspired to dust off some of those old projects and get sewing! So let's get this party started! Here is the full schedule and links to each blog/website. Sun, Nov 1    UFO inventory      The Geeky Bobbin     Mon, Nov 2   UFO inventory      Pretty Piney Quilts   Tues, Nov 3   UFO inventory      Canuck Quilter Designs     Wed, Nov 4    UFO inventory      Duck Creek

The Fall Season and Seasonal Quilts

Well, it's the middle of October and fall is in full swing here in the Midwest.  The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are getting cooler.  We're having lots of sunny days and cool nights, which makes for some beautiful fall color all over the place.    Fall also feels like the unofficial start of quilting season.  After all the outdoor busyness of summer, we get to stay inside more with our sewing machines and make cozy quilts, some of which will end up as Christmas presents.  I'm really looking forward to spending a lot more time in my sewing room and getting some fabric therapy!  How about you? On the topic of fall, I'd like to tell you about my "Fabulous Fall" wall quilt.  It's a 16" square applique scene full of all the delightful details of a fall day.   This quilt actually came about because of a challenge we had at quilt guild.  We only had two guidelines:  make it 16" square, and have a pumpkin in it.  We could do anything el