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Small Steps Lead to Big Progress

Hi there!  Today is my turn on the UFOvember blog hop and I'm going to talk about "Resume" -  how to get back to an unfinished project and GET IT DONE!  Yay! When this blog hop idea came up, I got so excited.  I have a growing pile of UFOs that has been nagging at me and I needed some motivation to get down to business and get some of these things done.  There's something about being part of a group project like this that helps me want to work on something!  With all the social distancing we've had to do, it's put a big damper on sewing get-togethers and the little "oomph" that sewing days with friends gives us.  Doing something online like this really helps fill that void! When I was preparing for this blog hop, I took some time to look around my sewing room and take stock of what UFOs I needed to work on.  Then I started thinking about  WHY  I had such a hard time getting them finished.  I have a lot of time, so I knew that really wasn't my pro