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Hope Quilts blog hop

It's a new month (is it really December already??) and there's a new blog hop going on this month that I think you will really enjoy.  The theme is "Hope Quilts" and it's all about special quilt projects that have helped individuals get through difficult circumstances.   As quilters, we know how therapeutic working on a quilt can be.  Research has shown that quilting lifts our mood, exercises our minds, provides social interaction and makes us feel productive.  It teaches us new skills and motivates us to keep learning.  It also gives us a way to help and comfort others.  There's something so wonderful about giving one of your lovingly made quilts to a grateful recipient.  Quilting is definitely a work of heart!

Each of the bloggers in this blog hop will be sharing their own special stories about the quilts they have made that have special significance to them.  It will be an encouraging and uplifting time that will hopefully inspire you on your own quilting journey.

Sarah Marcina at The Quilted Diary is hosting this blog hop, and she will also be introducing a new quilt along she is starting in January called "Hope for Tomorrow".  Sounds delightful and looks beautiful!

If you sign up for this quilt along during December's blog hop, you will get special offers from some of the Hope Quilts bloggers.  Click on the picture to go to The Quilted Diary website for more information.

So if you're ready for some uplifting reading material and a break from all the bad news out there, join us for the Hope Quilts blog hop this month.  It's sure to brighten your day!

Here is the blog hop schedule:

December 1- Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)

December 2 - Charisma Horton (Charisma's Corner)

December 3 - Jen Frost (Faith & Fabric)

December 4 - Terri Vanden Bosch (Lizard Creek Quilting)

December 5 - Tammy Silvers (Tamarinis)

December 7 - Carolyn Burgess (Applique Quilts and More)

December 8 - Jo Westfoot (The Crafty Nomad)

December 9 - Lisa Ruble (Love to Color My World)

December 11- Laura Strickland (Orange Blossom Quilt)

December 15- Kris Driessen (Phoebe Moon Designs)

December 17- Teresa Weaver (Sewing Friend News)

December 18- Kate Colleran (Dreaming in Color)

December 21- Alyce Blyth (Blossom Heart Quilts)

December 22- Jen Frost (Faith & Fabric)

December 24- Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)

December 26- Becca Fenstermaker (Pretty Piney Quilts)

December 30- Kathryn LeBlanc (Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio)

December 31- Sarah Marcina (The Quilted Diary)


Do you have a special story about a special quilt?  I would love to hear about it!  Feel free to share your story in the comment section below.  You never know how it might inspire someone else.