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Happy National Quilting Day!

  March 20th is twice as nice this year!  Not only is it the first day of Spring (who isn't ready for that?!), but it's also National Quilting Day!!  It's a great day to head out to your local quilt shop to do some fabric shopping or hide yourself in your sewing room for some quality time with your sewing machine.  Just give your family the local take-out menus and tell them you'll be busy getting some fabric therapy! In honor of National Quilting Day, I want to remind you of some nice freebies here on my website that you can enjoy any time. First, there is the PDF download of my "Quilt Completion Chart" that you can use to keep track of your projects and get them DONE.  What's nice about this chart is that it breaks each project done into stages that you can check off as you go.  Just click on the picture to get your free copy.     Next, there is a PDF download idea sheet for my "One Fabric Quilts" tutorial.  This is a fun and easy way to use a